13th European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference

Flagship Symposia

For the first time this year, we are introducing Flagship Symposia – one on each day of the conference. Each will bring together distinguished panellists to discuss key evaluation issues of high relevance to the conference theme and to the evaluation field more generally.

The first Flagship Symposium ‘Better evaluation for better policies in Greece beyond the crisis‘ is the opening Flagship Symposium of the conference, comprising a highly distinguished panel, including Ms Olga Gerovasili, Minister of Citizens´Protection, Greece, Ms Louka Katseli, a prominent politician and academic economist and Tessie Catsambas, president elect of the American Evaluation Association.

The opening symposium is followed by: ‘Evaluation unusual: How is resilience challenging the evaluation field, and are we rising effectively to the challenge?’ and it comprises leading researchers in the international Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Community of Practice (CoP)1 . The symposium will discuss key challenges of resilience measurement, common principles for resilience evaluation, the complex dynamics of resilience and associated issues. The discussion will elucidate how the art and science of evaluation is evolving – and needs to further evolve – to translate the concept of resilience into improved policy and practice.

The current debate on the prospects for revision of the OECD DAC Criteria is the focus of day two’s Flagship Symposium. Most evaluators working in the field of development and beyond have been aware of – and indeed may have participated in – the recent debates about the need to update the Criteria in these complex times. The Symposium includes members of DAC and other stakeholders. It will discuss the findings from on-going consultations and debates, current challenges and will engage participants in identifying the best ways forward.

Day 3’s Flagship Symposium takes us into the European Commission and the work of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board (RSB). The RSB plays a pivotal role in EU policy making and evaluation, through its oversight of the quality of evaluations, impact assessments and fitness checks. This symposium will discuss how the RSB functions to support institutional resilience and Better Regulation. It will be chaired by a member of the RSB and will include case presentations of quality review from diverse policy areas.

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