13th European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference

yEES! 2018 Competition

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The European Evaluation Society (EES) Biennial Conference 2018 is going to be the largest EES conference over the last 25 years. This is the place where you want to be as an European Emerging Evaluator!

The conference will gather hundreds of evaluation experts in Greece, between October 1st and 5th, 2018, to discuss the role of evaluation in understanding and responding to the multiple crises facing Europe and the world.

A. Results

Currently, all applications are subject to review, results will be communicated by 27 July 2018.
Welcoming meeting is scheduled for 3 August 2018 at 15:30 CEST.

B. What is in there for you?

  • New fresh ideas and thoughts to discussions. After a decade of turbulence, it is time to focus on the contribution of evaluation in creating more resilient societies and it is time for emerging evaluators to have a say about it. During the conference, participants will attend the yEES Laboratory (from now on the LAB). The LAB will provide emerging evaluators a great platform to further develop and discuss their ideas within a constructive and safe space. More seasoned evaluators will be there to provide feedback and support.
  • Inclusiveness: this initiative will make the EES Conference more inclusive event: younger people who have merit but can't afford to come will participate. It will also ensure a higher representativeness of peripheral European countries.
  • Capacity Building Activities: the EES TWG-5 (Young and Emerging Evaluators) will provide participants with support in preparing the paper and the presentation (webinar and coaching). In addition, the experience of attending a conference, networking and presenting will be a unique learning opportunity.
  • Dynamism: our experience shows that involving yEES always brings more dynamism! We hope the competition for new ideas for unconference events and the engagement of younger people prompt innovative thinking.
  • Engagement in social events: the winners of the competition will be invited to participate in:
    • several social events such as evenings tapas and the yEES! dinner.
    • activities that will allow them to improve their network, such as:
      • conference reportage;
      • design and moderation of unconference events; including the LAB;
      • conference evaluation

C. Who is the organizer?

The EES-TWG5, Young and Emerging Evaluators, aims at a better representation of young and new evaluators within EES. Its purpose is to:

  • bring the ideas and perspectives of emerging evaluators into the work of EES through active engagement in the ongoing activities of the society and by starting initiatives that cater to the specific needs and interests of young and new evaluators;
  • promote a stronger interaction between new and experienced members of EES as well as different generations of evaluators, providing a platform where young and/or new evaluators can discuss and meet with more experienced colleagues;
  • connect young/new evaluation professionals and researchers across Europe through online discussions and collaboration on projects of shared interest.

Read more about EES-TWG5 and how you can become part of it here.

D. Eligibility Criteria

  • European evaluators under age of 35 years, including students, recent graduates, young professionals and those who have recently come to evaluation from other disciplines are eligible to apply.
  • The fee waiver does not cover accommodation or travel costs. Participants will have to pay for their own expenses.
  • The selected participants commit to serve as volunteers in the tasks mention in section B - engagement - according to their personal profile, career interests and preferences.

E. Selection methodology

The selection will be made based on the following scoring criteria

    Maximum scores
Quality of the abstract   5
Idea for an innovative unconference event   5
Justification   5
Extra points: Country of origin, 2 extra points for peripheral European countries
(participants from Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, San Marino and the former Benelux (the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) will not receive additional scores)
Total   17

The 0-5 scoring scheme

5   High-quality, innovative and well-designed responses, demonstrates strong value-added to the conference and to the applicants
4   Innovative approach with some minor weaknesses, demonstrates value-added both the conference and the applicant
3   Innovative with extensive need for further support
2   Traditional, no value-added to the conference nor the applicant
1   Does not comply with the request
0   No response provided


1)Open Space or unconference events are free-format activities taking place outside the official conference agenda (e.g. lunch breaks, fishbowl discussions, thematic evenings meet-ups, etc.). For more information check out this page and/or contact the yEE!s team.


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